Monday, November 19, 2007

To Innocent Observer and Wen

“What have been the best and worst parts of being a foster sibling?

Would you foster when you have your own children, and why or why not?

What would you do differently?”

“I'm curious if you'd consider fostering when you are older.

I'm also curious what you think the best thing about having foster-sibs is, and what has been hardest for you.”

In my experience the best parts of having foster siblings are much the same as the good thing about having normal siblings, and the worst things are when it isn’t like having biological siblings. I the best case it’s like having another brother or sister which comes with good things and bad things, I don’t really know how to precisely describe that but I hope you know what I mean. The really bad times are when the kid rejects the family, or vice versa. For instance when Ann was living with us she really didn’t want to be there, she wanted to go back to her last home, and it felt like I was forced to live with a stranger. I wasn’t at ease at home, it wasn’t a totally safe place. By safe place I don’t mean I was in any dangerous situation but I couldn’t really relax and let down my guard. Not having that sort of family love or at least acceptance can make it very painful and draining to live with some one.

I’m not entirely sure if I will foster when I grow up it really depends on where I end up and how everything is. Fostering takes a lot of time and effort but if I have that I think I will. As far as what I would do differently I guess I would pay close attention and not let things drag on for a long time if things aren’t working out especially if I have other kids. I think my parents have done a great job over all and I think I would end up spending most of my time trying to replicate what they do than I would spend on trying to improve upon it.

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